The Dempsey Companies offer expert annuity planning consultation, designed specifically for your client. Our average annuity deposit is $350,000. We can provide proven sales ideas for protection and income – split annuity, lifetime income riders, LTC hybrid annuities to name a few. In addition, you’ll find:

  • Aggressive case management – quick issue
  • Top tier compensation pooled by group
  • Full back office support from case design to commission payment to you
  • Access to advanced planning attorneys
  • Income Rider and SPIA quote comparison software
  • $125 million in paid annuities

A partial list of carriers includes American National, ING, Lincoln Financial, Principal, Mutual of Omaha, American General, North American, Genworth, and Protective Life.  We have sound financial planning solutions that may be the perfect fit for some of your clients, including:

  • SPIA’s to fund LTC or Life Insurance
  • Fixed Deferred Annuities with lifetime income riders
  • Pensions and 401K design for small business owners

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Retirement Planning including design of benefits, defined benefits, defined contribution, fully insured, profit sharing…..turnkey administration.

It’s a good time to review financial plans. Recent financial markets have reminded Americans of the importance of having a portion of their retirement funds invested in a conservative vehicle offering a guaranteed minimum rate of return. You may find your clients more receptive to reviewing their insurance, investments and long term financial plans. Now more than ever clients are concerned that their retirement assets will last as long as they will need them.

Let us show you where our annuity line up and ideas fit into your operation.


Provide your clients guaranteed lifetime income with protection of principal:

American National

Lincoln Financial

American General

Mutual of Omaha



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