10 Most Common Mistakes – Fiscal Fitness

Mistake 1: Who is the beneficiary of your existing policy(ies)?

Mistake 2: Are any contingent beneficiaries named?

Mistake 3: When was the last time you reviewed your policies?

Mistake 4: Is the problem we are trying to solve with life insurance temporary or permanent?

Mistake 5: What assets would you like to protect?

Mistake 6: Are the policy proceeds payable outright to minor children or grandchildren or to handicapped or emotionally immature or financially irresponsible individuals?

Mistake 7: Who is the current owner of your policy(ies)?

Mistake 8: Can your business or practice provide insurance on a more cost- or tax-efficient basis?

Mistake 9: How long will your term coverage last and at what cost?

Mistake 10: Are you getting the best value for the current cost of your life insurance?