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The Heightened Risk of Bonds for Near Retirees

Fixed Annuities for High Net Worth Individuals

Fixed Annuities

When Interest Rates Rise


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John Peterson,
Executive Vice President
Direct Line: 404.604.2678

Case Studies

Recent Widow

  • client age 78
  • adult children live out of town
  • concerned about future health care costs and wants to stay in her own home
  • health concerns- controlled diabetes with history of heart disease
  • income is enough to cover living expenses and liquid assets provide 6-month emergency cushion
  • exiting variable annuity valued at $100,000 that is no longer needed for retirement and no longer fits her risk tolerance profile


  • 1035 exchange into Long-Term Care Fixed Annuity which provides LTC benefit pool of $300,000
  • Benefits are paid up and guaranteed
  • Provides home and facility care coverage
  • She has now protected her income from an unexpected long-term care event

Highly Compensated Doctor

  • client age 60
  • strong concentration of portfolio in aggressive investments
  • limited lifetime income guarantees other than social security
  • he would like to work less if possible, starting around age 65
  • concerned about future market risks and would like some diversification


  • Reposition $2 million of existing cash and low yielding investments into a fixed annuity with guaranteed lifetime income rider
  • $227,250 annual income available at age 65, $300,100 if client decides to wait until 70 to start lifetime income payouts
  • Income is guaranteed to grow during deferral and lifetime income payout can be started anytime which provides flexibility for retirement
  • Cash value and death benefit remain growing and are not subject to market or interest rate risk loss
  • Client has peace of mind knowing that a baseline of lifetime income is secured

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