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Disability Income

You insure your car and your home . . . but are you truly protecting your income and your business?  What would happen if you became disabled, either by sickness or injury, and unable to work in your current occupation? Think about this… A 40-year-old earning $200,000 today will earn almost $9,000,000 in the next 25 years, with only 4% increases each year!  A disabling illness or injury can be a common reason for both bankruptcy and home foreclosure.

Three in 10 workers entering the work force today will become disabled before retiring.

Key questions to ask when choosing a policy…

  • How do you qualify for the policy?
  • How much can you purchase?
  • Is the policy Noncancelable?
  • How is disability defined?
  • When will benefits be paid and for how long?
  • What optional features can be added to the policy?

Business Overhead Expense policy helps protect your business in the event that something happens to you—the person who keeps revenue coming in.

  • It helps to pay for your share of the normal and customary expenses of your business, such as rent, utilities and staff wages if you become sick or injured and can no longer work
  • You can focus on your recovery and not have to worry about losing your business

Examples of covered expenses include your share of:

  • Rent, utilities, & staff wages
  • Maintenance services
  • Taxes and mortgage interest on business property (that you own and use in your business)
  • Property and liability insurance premiums

Some examples of expenses that are not covered:

  • Your salary or that of a partner
  • Salary of an immediate family member
  • Income taxes
  • Cost of implements used in your occupation
  • Payments on mortgage principal